Thigh Lift Treatment

Thigh Lift Surgery Cost in India

The thigh lift is the advanced procedure done to remove the excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thigh. It is the treatment option for the patients that fail to reduce the excess tissue in their upper thigh even after the bariatric weight loss, exercises and dieting. Liposuction procedure is used to restore your desired youthful thigh contours but if you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

When to Choose Thigh Lift Surgery

  • If you desire for better, more proportional contour and firmer look for thighs
  • After the bariatric surgery or massive weight loss
  • If you are having loose and flabby skin on thighs
  • If you have heavy thighs

Types of Thigh Lift Procedures

  • Medial (inner) thigh lift : In this procedure, an incision is made in the groin area and excess fat and skin are excised with the inner thigh. In this liposuction can be used depending on the requirement of the patient but it cannot be an option all the time.In this procedure, reconstruction is done from the groin area to the knee and similar way another thigh is contoured.
  • Lateral (outer) thigh lift : It is the more complex procedure than the last one as in this procedure along with the removal of tissue, outer thigh and buttocks are re-contoured. In this procedure, extensive scarring can happen and even skin becomes less elastic so instructions for maintaining weight after surgery are given

Post Procedure Care

The incision is closed with a dressing or bandage to aid the healing process. A compressive garment may be used to support the new contour and reduce the swelling of the thigh during the healing process. Small thin tubes are placed beneath the skin to drain the excess fluid or blood accumulated around the incision site. The patient should remain in a reclining or standing position for a few days (around ten days) to help in the healing process.