Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Transfer Treatment in India

Duration : 03 hours


A few decades of a solid life, at that point followed by fifty years of more vulnerable physical and emotional well-being, such is reality for the majority of us. Time saves nothing; with age everywhere of the body gets influenced. Changes in the face, similar to empty cheeks and profound depressions from the side of the mouth are the exemplary indications of maturing. A few group praise their age with the appearance they have, and some defer these regular changes by going through facial fat transfer.




Facial fat transfer is a technique where fats from one piece of the body is taken out and transferred to the face. The fundamental point of this methodology is to:


Have a more youthful look


Diminish scars on the face


Improve facial volume


Diminish facial lines


Right profound and empty cheeks




Individuals who are solid with no genuine ailments are qualified for facial fat transfer. Notwithstanding, great contender for facial fat transfer are the people who:


Have a sound body weight


Have depressed cheeks, lower eyelid sacks, and slight lips


Try not to smoke


Have sensible assumptions with the technique


Arrangement Before Procedure


During the principal conference, the specialist will audit the previous clinical records of the patient. You will be informed about the technique and its results. An actual assessment is done to decide whether you have a sufficient measure of giver fat; on the off chance that not, the specialist will recommend you to put on weight prior to going through a medical procedure.


For a superior result with the medical procedure, the patient is encouraged to adhere to the guidelines given underneath:


Quit smoking a little while before the technique


Try not to take any drugs that increment the danger of seeping during and after the method


Illuminate the specialist about the utilization regarding current prescriptions, nutrients, and mineral enhancements


About Procedure


A little cut is made at the contributor site (district from where the fat is gathered) affected by nearby sedation. Presently, the specialist gathers fat by embeddings a cannula associated with a needle. Fat purging is done to eliminate the blood or any harmed cells inside it. When the fat cells are readied, the specialist will gradually infuse the fat into the face where volume upgrade is required and convey it equally. This interaction is proceeded until the ideal outcome is accomplished.


Post-Procedure Care


Agony, growing, wounding, and redness of the skinare basic at both the giver area and treated district for a couple of days. A cool blower may help in overseeing expanding during the initial not many hours after the medical procedure. You are encouraged to take certain prescriptions to oversee torment and growing.


Recuperation TIPS


The specialist will give the accompanying directions for a fast recuperation:


Try not to rub the face for a couple of days


Keep away from facial activities


Keep up stable body weight


Remember an eating routine rich for solid fats, like salmon, almonds


Try not to open to daylight until redness and expanding dies down


Try not to smoke


Drink a lot of liquids


Take the recommended medications


Visit the specialist as planned to survey the result


Counsel your PCP on the off chance that you have torment, growing, or redness for over about fourteen days


Variables Affecting Cost


The expense of facial fat transfer fluctuates dependent on the space/territories to be infused, and the sort of sedation utilized.